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Days Out

We check out days out that is both affordable and family friendly.  It will cater for all tastes whether it is the beach, fun fairs, outdoor markets, historic buildings, nature walks...the list is endless.  We will at all times take into consideration those with disabilities and advertise disabled friendly places. 

Dining and restaurants.

Dining out whatever your budget. 


Holidays to suit all styles

Holidays to suit everybody whether it is places to see, holidays just chilling on the beach, hectic nightlife, family holidays, caravans, tents, hotels and B&Bs.  All different types for your budget. 


At Miteim we pride ourselves on our honesty and all places advertised would have been paid for by us, before we ask the owner if we could advertise their place.  

If following this we are asked to advertise further then we will write that this is a paid for advert. 




We will keep all users informed of any deals with regards to our website and the companies who advertise, thereby ensuring that you will get the best out of your leisure time. 

Keeping uptodate

We will keep our website uptodate with changes that may affect your choice, and we will where necessary remove a post if found to be below the expectations expected. 

What really matters to us.

At Miteim we are passionate about providing information that will be user friendly for those with disabilities, and for those who are dog lovers.  

At Miteim we are both and whilst we could be restricted on our advertising for dog friendly places, we will not advertise if it is not disabled friendly. 

Our promise

Family Friendly

Where families come first.

Families and family holidays are so important in this very busy world, and we will endeavour to promote more family friendly holidays that suit your budget, and where we will cater for everyone choice. 

For any and all budgets.

Whether 3 star or 5 star...

We will look at holidays and breaks from B&Bs and the value they offer, to the 5* hotels where you can indulge in every luxury. 

Our team

Our team are here to answer any of your questions and we can be contacted at info@miteim.co.uk



At Miteim we pride ourselves on answering all emails within 48 hours. 


Telephone:  07306 323056

Please contact us on the above number.  Please leave your name, number, message and date and time you call, then someone will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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